Friday, January 30, 2009

Vanilla cake with Fresh Strawberry and buttercream filling topped with Whipped Cream Icing

So on a whim I whipped up a little cake to try out a recipe I have for whipped cream icing. I'm no fan of plan whipped cake just spurted on to a cake, so I wanted to experiment with something nice.
I made a quickie round cake with fresh strawberry and buttercream filling, and my vanilla cake altered a bit. Then, I topped it with a small bit of whipped cream icing. Oh boy-- was it yummy! I'm fattening up my family. Each cake is better than the last.

I took a stroll through Superquinn today, and it must be cake day as they were whipping up about 20 cakes at once. I watched them saw through what looked like pretty dry sponge cake. Bleh. I'm glad they are one of just a handful of competitors out there in Waterford. I priced a cake off them just to get any idea, and trust me, I'd rather pay an extra and get one of my cakes than walk off with one of theirs!


Princess of the River of Falling Pins said...

I desperately want the recipe for this or just a cake just for me. By the way.... how do you feel about shipping a cake to the US? It might be crazy to ask this but Alana's 2nd birthday is coming up and I would love to sup[port your budding business!

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