What We Offer

What kind of options does The Boho Kitchen offer for your upcoming event? The answer is what you want! We love to service your coffee mornings, too. Consider bouquets of your friend's favorite cookies or baked treats as gifts!

Most often, the answer is cake. We offer several different standard cakes. Any of our cakes can also be served as cupcakes with your choice of icing. These are just our most popular flavors, not a limit to our range. Any cake flavor can be transformed to suit your cupcakes as well. We only use the highest quality ingredients such as high quality 60%+ chocolate, Irish butter and homemade Madagascar Bourbon vanilla.

Chocolate sponge
Our chocolate sponge is made with fine cocoa and stays extremely moist.

Vanilla sponge
A deliciously moist buttermilk cake.

Red Velvet
A buttermilk cake with a hint of chocolate makes for a beautifully silky red cake. Perfect with a smooth cream cheese icing.

Light sponge
Similar to our vanilla sponge, a bit lighter and with a hint of almond essence. Perfect with fruit fillings.

Lemon Vanilla Sponge
Same as our Vanilla sponge with hints of fresh lemon zest. Perfect with a lemon curd filling.

Fruit cake
A traditional fruit cake.

We offer a variety of cheesecakes based on a traditional New York style baked cheesecake recipe. Personalized to your taste-- plain, chocolate, fruits, espresso, caramel? Simply ask.

Please inquire with us if you desire a different flavor of cake. We are more than happy to cater to individual customers!

Filling and Icing
Our standard filling for each cake is a delicious vanilla buttercream. If you desire, a fruit filling or chocolate filling can be requested.
I also cover my cakes in a home made marshmallow fondant. Unlike typical mass purchased fondants, marshmallow fondant tastes delicious without that chemical sugar flavor-- you won't want to pick it off to eat your slice!
Alternatively, your cake can be covered in a chocolate ganache icing, colored buttercream, cream cheese icing, or whipped cream icing.

Ever consider serving cookies at your next birthday or christening? Personalized sugar cookies can often make beautiful party favors!

Sugar Cookies
Short of being dry and crunchy, our solid sugar cookies are buttery and melt in your mouth while holding any shape you desire. Hearts, bears, stars, whatever you'd like. Each cookie can be decorated with royal icing in a variety of colors personalized for your event.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies
These small cookies are chewy and rich, and taste better with each passing day.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Our chocolate chip cookies are large deli style cookies with a hint of toffee flavor. They are crunchy, and slightly chewy inside.

Ginger Molasses Cookies
These are a delightfully spicy hit, particularly during the holidays. These chewy cookies go great with a cup of coffee with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and believe it or not, black pepper!

Again, we cater to all tastes, so please inquire about your favorite cookies!

One of our most popular treats, a light sweet dough rolls with a butter brown sugar and cinnamon filling.
Topped with a sweet and tangy cream cheese icing

Our cream scones can be made to your taste.
Cranberry orange, sultana or raisin, whole wheat-- just ask.

A blondie is a brownie without chocolate. Imagine a chewy bar cookie!

Our signature recipes can be purchased plain or with any mix-in of your choosing. Our brownies are delicious with an addition of pecans or other nuts, and our blondies are delicious with chunks of white chocolate.

Our brownies are made with real bars of fine dark chocolate!

Apple or other fruit pies and tarts with danish puff pastry
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie (with fig or not!)

Please ask!

All of our ingredients are of the highest quality and fine cocoa, chocolate, and Madagascar vanilla are always used.

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