Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Poor Neglected Followers

As The Boho Kitchen approaches year two of having neglected to use blogging to communicate news and updates I've decided its about time I rejoin the blog-o-sphere with some updates on occasion.

Now that Facebook requires their business page owners to pay to promote their posts, and I refusing to do so, its necessary I find another outlet to keep my customers up to date.

I have no good excuse for abandoning the blog for so long. I allowed Facebook to woo me into a false sense of promotion and have spent my minute amount of free time keeping it up to date with upcoming markets and pictures of new cakes. So much so that even some of the information on the main website for The Boho Kitchen (www.thebohokitchen.com as you might have guessed or have been directed from) is outdated. I am still a mom of two young girls who won't stop growing and changing and needing me-- so this limits my time. :P

In the last two years there have been many markets, festivals, cakes, a whole business venture and commercial kitchen that I've since given up. That's the ups and downs of small business.

With the recession hitting Ireland, business has struggled from time to time.

With the New Year approaching, there will be new moves for The Boho Kitchen. I'm compiling my recipes into what I hope you'll find, in time, to be a very useful cookbook to have in your kitchen (with recipes and some of my favorite tips to make life easy). Perhaps more to come, but I won't reveal that now.

Markets have come and gone, but for now you can find me at a new indoor market in Butlerstown on Fridays from 9am - 1pm. You can get some treats from me (cinnamon rolls nom nom nom) at Cafe Libro Waterford in the Book Centre as well.

So, as usual, if you are looking for treats or an occasion cake, email me at candace@thebohokitchen.com or ring me at 0879524926. :)

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