Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Year!

We've been seriously busy at The Boho Kitchen over the last few months. There's lots of news!
First thing first. Valentine's is upon us.

What to get for that special guy or girl in your life? Well, I have an idea. SWEEEEEETS!

Cake ball truffles? We've got 'em.
Delicious and beautiful cakes? Yes.
Heart shaped and decorated cookies? Right here.
CUPCAKES? Of course!

Get your special sweetie a personal 6" cake for you both to share starting from just 15 euro! A dozen decorated cupcakes for 18 euro! A dozen iced cookies also for 18 euro! Email me at candace@thebohokitchen.com or text/ring me at 0879524926 to order today.

Also, we've got a promotion going at the moment on OUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGE to win a dozen cupcakes or a dozen cookies so enter today!

TBK has teamed up with Niamh Doherty of The Loving Spoonful! She's a swell gal and I think you'll agree! She'll be bringing lovely lemon squares, heart warming soups and delicious savory items to the next The Boho Kitchen stall near you! We've got a project in the works as well that will bring afternoon tea out of the big expensive hotels and right into your location of choice! More on that to come.

Next little bit of news is that I'm engaged! I know what you are thinking, she's already got two kids isn't she married already? No, we've been thus far living in sin but have finally set a date for the big day. We'll be getting married on May 13th, 2011-- SO, unfortunately brides and grooms who might be interested in getting me to make them delicious cupcakes or cakes for their weddings will be disappointed to know I'll be unavailable for that weekend.


We've been set up the last two Sundays from 11pm-4pm at the indoor market in Clonmel. Where? That's right. There is an amazing indoor market and car boot sale just minutes outside Clonmel. It's incredibly well signposted by the amazing organizer Tara and its super easy to find. Even if you don't drive buses run regularly throughout the day! Just check the website. Come on down and check out all the crafters, the food and if you want-- bring along some of your unwanted items to set up at the car boot!

Keep a watch on this space for (I PROMISE!) tasty recipes and updates on the upcoming Waterford Festival of Food AND of COURSE the WATERFORD TALL SHIPS!


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